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Facebook post 9th of August 2021

🌧️This Saturday was a very wet session, but people still came for support with food despite the down pours. Ponchos at the ready, our team continued their efforts. Thankfully the week ahead looks brighter and warmer. 🌤️

💙Please note, we are not at the foodbank on Wednesdays in August.💜

This week we welcomed 14 new households to Finchley Foodbank.

This week and are short of:

- tinned meat, such as corned beef, chill con carne & pies

- tinned tomatoes

- UHT milk

- tinned fruit

- egg boxes, particularly for 12 eggs

We have enough of everything else for this week, so if you can concentrate on these items that would be fabulous, so that we are able to give all of our clients these basic items.

Every donation makes a difference, big or small. Please check your donations are in date as we have vulnerable clients.

We are able to accept donations from members of the public on Friday 12-3pm in the church hall behind St Mary's Church, 279 High Road East Finchley N2 8HG.

Collection points are also available in the Sainsburys Local High Road East Finchley N2 and Martyn Gerrard 365 Regents Park Road N3.

Please observe the 2 metre distance rule whilst on the premises and try not to touch anything. To the left of the church is a drive way, walk down it and leave your donation on the table ahead of you. Please don't come inside the hall.

If you are in isolation, but want to support us we have an online giving page.

You can also support us by liking and sharing this message, to increase it's visibility on Facebook.

Thank you all for your help. 💙💜

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