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Facebook post 5th of September 2022

🙏🏻A HUGE thank you to all who support us! We couldn't do it without you! 🙏🏽

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦This week we welcomed 11 new households to Finchley Foodbank and supported 152 households in total, which is a record number of families 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

🥫 We share items such as tinned tuna and tinned fruit by offering one for every two people in a house. This means we need 200 of these every week because of the large number of people we are helping.

We open the packs of laundry capsules/tablets and portion them for the different household sizes we support.

💙💜 Donating items to your local foodbank ensures that your items are used to help people in need in your area.

This weeks much needed items are:

- tinned fruit

- washing capsules/tablets

- tinned tuna

- shower gel

- empty egg boxes for 12 eggs

🛒 We will be at the Foodbank on Friday between 12-3pm, but drop off can be arranged by appointment also. We can be found in the hall behind St Mary's 279 High Road East Finchley N2 8HG.

💳To support us with a financial donation, please follow the link below to our online giving page. We purchase fresh fruit and vegetables and eggs as well as non-perishable items we are short of.

🙏 A BIG THANK YOU to those who support us with donations of food and finance, your donations really do make a difference to someone else.

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