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Facebook post 31st January 2022

🎂 Finchley Foodbank's celebrates it's 9th birthday on the 14th of February 2022.🎂

We are proud to support anyone in need of food support without the need for a voucher or referral. We work from a position of trust and all are welcome.

🎁 Birthday gifts of food and toiletries are very much welcomed. This week we are particularly short of:

- oil, 1 litre bottles or less

- sanitary towels

- sugar, particularly 500g bags

- shampoo, 2in1's preferably

💙💜 Donating items to your local foodbank ensures that your items are used to help people in need in your area. 💙💜

🕒 We will be at the Foodbank on Friday between 12-3pm, but drop offs can be arranged by appointment also.

🛒 It maybe more convenient to send us a supermarket delivery, please contact us via Facebook messanger or email us at or to arrange a date and time.

💳 To support us with a financial donation, please follow the link below to our website, which gives you all the options available.

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