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Facebook post 27th September 2021

This week we welcomed 4 new families to Finchley Foodbank.

This weeks much needed items are:

- cooking sauces such as pasta sauce

- washing tablets/capsules

- tins of tuna

- deodorant, sprays preferred, as they can be shared

This week we also are launching our Harvest Festival appeal. If your school, faith group or work place can support us we would be very grateful. Details are below.

Every harvest festival Finchley Foodbank has relied on the donations of both food and money to help us provide food to support people in our local community who are experiencing food poverty. Without your generosity we would struggle to continue, especially as demand has increased by around 600% over the last 18months.

Traditionally we have always experienced an increase in demand at this time of year but this year with the added burden of the removal of the extra £20 a week universal credit payment, the end of furlough and the recent reports of increases to electricity & gas bills as we start to enter the autumn, we really do need your support this harvest.

Harvest is a time which marks the change in the seasons, when the farmers collect the food from the fields grown in the summer months and is stored in preparation for the long winter. It gives us the opportunity to reflect and be grateful for the variety and ample food that we are very fortunate to have. This festival also gives us the chance to remember our neighbours who don't have the same choices.

Attached is a Finchley Foodbank shopping list of our much need non-perishable items, which we would be very grateful if you could share with your community. All items need to be in date and in their original unopened packages.

Alternatively you can make a monetary donation through our online giving page which we use to supplement our packages with eggs, fresh fruit & vegetables and cheese.8a

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