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Facebook post 24th October 2022

👪 This week we welcomed 14 new households to Finchley Foodbank and supported 176 households in total, an increase of 13% on last week. 🤼

🙏 Our compassionate and dedicated volunteers are an inspiration and are able to keep Finchley Foodbank going because of the support you give. Thank you so much to all our volunteers and to all who support us. 🙏🏿

💜 We’ve now had 6 sessions under the new way of operating Finchley Foodbank. Clients can choose the items they need rather than relying on pre-prepared plastic bags of food and other items. Supporting those suffering financial hardship in this more dignified way goes to the heart of our ethos. Plus, we no longer have the need to use plastic bags as clients bring their own long-life shopping bags.💙

💡If you don’t need the six monthly £67 credits to your energy bills under the government's Energy Bills Support Scheme, please consider donating the equivalent of one or two of these credits to Finchley Foodbank. Thank you. See link below to our online giving page. ⚡

This week’s much needed items are:

- cereal

- jams and other spreads

- shower gel

- biscuits

💙 Supporting your local foodbank is the best way to ensure your donation helps local people in need. 💜

🛒We will be at the Foodbank on Friday between 12-3pm, but drop off can be arranged by appointment also. We can be found in the hall behind St Mary's 279 High Road East Finchley N2 8HG. 🛒

💶 To support us with a financial donation, please follow the link below to our online giving page. We purchase fresh fruit and vegetables and eggs as well as non-perishable items we are short of.

🙏 A BIG THANK YOU to those who support us with donations of food and finance, your donations really do make a difference to someone else. 🙏🏿

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