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Facebook post 14th of February 2022

🎂 Finchley Foodbank's celebrates it's 9th birthday today! 🎂

🏆Finchley Foodbank volunteers Helena and Anna were recently recognised by the Mayor of Barnet as Town Centre Heros. They were very pleased to recieve the award as it recognises all of our dedicated volunteers, who serve our local community with everlasting kindness.🏆

We are proud to support anyone in need of food support without the need for a voucher or referral. We work from a position of trust and all are welcome.

🎁Birthday gifts of food and toiletries are very much welcomed. This week we are particularly short of:

- bags of rice

- litre cartons of longlife juice, not refrigerated

- tinned tuna

- empty egg boxes for 12 eggs

💙💜Donating items to your local foodbank ensures that your items are used to help people in need in your area.💙💜

🕒We will be at the Foodbank on Friday  between 12-3pm, but drop offs can be arranged by appointment also.

🛒It maybe more convenient to send us a supermarket delivery, please contact us via Facebook messanger or email us at or to arrange a date and time.

💳To support us with a financial donation, please follow the link below to our website, which gives you all the options available.

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