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Facebook post 13th of September 2021

This week we request a few minutes of your time to petition your local MP regarding the the planned change in universal credit which will leave 6 million families £1,040 worse off a year. For many, this money is the difference between keeping afloat and falling into serious poverty. We have attached a template letter which out trustees Caritas have supplied, which you can amend to include your own message.

This cut will mean even more people are in need of your support to avoid going hungry.

The £20 cut was originally scheduled for March 2020, but thanks to thousands of people, including many of you, writing to their MPs and asking them to #KeepTheLifeline, the government postponed it.

On Saturday the 4th of September, we carried out a poll of Finchley Foodbank clients who visited us on that day, which showed that all except one household had applied for UC or were in receipt of other benefits already, which was less than 1% of those asked.

As we come out of this pandemic we need to give people a chance to get their lives back on track, not plunge them further into poverty by taking away the income they rely on.

💙Please note, we are not at the foodbank on Wednesdays.💜

This week we welcomed 8 new households to Finchley Foodbank.

This week and are short of: - tinned meat, such as pies, corned beef, chilli con carne, chicken curry etc - soap - tinned soup, particularly meat soups - honey

We have enough of everything else for this week, so if you can concentrate on these items that would be fabulous, so that we are able to give all of our clients these basic items.

Every donation makes a difference, big or small. Please check your donations are in date as we have vulnerable clients.

We are able to accept donations from members of the public on Friday's 12-3pm in the church hall behind St Mary's Church, 279 High Road East Finchley N2 8HG.

Collection points are also available in the Sainsburys Local High Road East Finchley N2, Sainsbury's High Road North Finchley N12 and Martyn Gerrard 365 Regents Park Road N3.

Please observe the 2 metre distance rule whilst on the premises. To the left of the church is a drive way, walk down it and leave your donation on the table ahead of you. Please don't come inside the hall.

If you are in isolation, but want to support us we have an online giving page.

You can also support us by liking and sharing this message, to increase it's visibility on Facebook.

Thank you all for your help. 💙💜

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